In depth scholarship sits at the heart of rediscovering the artistic traditions of classical riding academies, with research focused on three key areas: first-hand exploration of the academic pathway that riding students followed in the sixteenth and seventeenth century; doctoral research on the art of equestrian ballet; study and translation of historic treatises on equitation. 

Academic Pathway

The pathway of learning for students in many equestrian academies would have traditionally included the classical arts, with the study of subjects such as fine art, music, dance, and philosophy. 

Equestrian Ballet

Equestrian ballet was an art form staged at court festivals, with elaborately costumed riders and horses flowing in intricate choreographed patterns to the music of trumpets and violas. 


Historically, as today, riding masters disseminated their understandings and experience through the writing of treatises and dialogues. These works hold important knowledge for us to rediscover.