Fine Art Drawing

Fine art was taught at equestrian academies as part of the classical arts pedagogy. The traditional study of drawing and painting helped develop the riders artistic eye, refined their understanding of moral and aesthetic artistic principles, and provided a means by which to visually communicate ideas. All the drawings shared here have been created as part of the authors ongoing study of fine art drawing. Please seek prior written permission before reproducing in part or whole. If you would like to purchase prints of original compositions, please do get in touch.

Original Compositions

Creating original compositions allows the developing artist to give form to moral themes and ideas that are important to express to the viewer.

Academic Drawing

The study of ancient sculpture helps to develop a students understanding of classical aesthetic beauty, and to cultivate a deeper sense of moral ethos in art.

Copying the Old Masters

Copying drawings from the old masters by eye refines the students hand, disciplines technical skill, and transports the mind into the masters artistic process.