‘CLASSICAL RIDING In Search of Art: The First Dialogue’ is the first in a series of short, fictional conversations between a rider and his teacher. It is a story of a rider in search of art. What does it really mean when we describe classical riding as an art? How do we discover artistry in our riding?


At the end of a lesson in the manège, the rider decides to ask the teacher for help in finding answers. The teacher suggests that they warm the horses down with a ride out into nature, to give them time to talk together. 


As their conversation winds along the old way in the forest, they explore the idea that traditionally in equestrian academies, students would also be taught the classical arts; subjects such as philosophy, fine art, and music. Could there be a reason why riders learned these arts?


As the rider delves deeper into the classical arts, he begins to discover that equitation is part of a rich tapestry of ancient wisdom; a wisdom that is intimately interwoven with the deeper laws of nature, the boundlessness of the soul, and the harmony of the heavens.