About the Project

Apollo and the Sun Chariot, pencil on paper, by Andrew Moody

Traditionally in Renaissance and Baroque equestrian academies, the study of equitation was often placed within a broader context of scholarship in the classical arts. As a pathway for cultivating moral character, the student of academic riding would engage in learning subjects such as fine art, music, philosophy and dance. Over time, the higher wisdom and beauty that the rider found in these ancient divine arts would have naturally become interwoven with their mastery of horsemanship. 


Equitation and the Arts seeks to reconnect with, preserve and better understand this traditional equestrian pathway. It’s author is engaged in ongoing scholarship in academic riding and the classical arts. As the project progresses, you will be able to discover books, drawings, musical compositions and choreographed performances. These creations originate from the author’s artistic practicum, and are shared with you in the hope of offering a gentle light of inspiration and insight.