About the Author

Andy trains in and teaches classical equitation with his riding mentor Minette Rice-Edwards, based at Ham House Stables in London, UK. He is engaged in independent scholarship in the classical arts, and part-time doctoral research based at Durham University. He is also a qualified carriage driving instructor, and equine massage therapist.


Andy has been in the saddle for 30 years. He developed a strong interest in natural horsemanship at a young age, and went on to read BSc Animal Behaviour as an undergraduate. After university, he spent time working in nature conservation, before returning to horses, to work and train for three years at The Royal Mews in London. This acted like an apprenticeship in carriage driving and postillion riding, which opened Andy’s eyes to the ancient heritage and traditions that travel through our culture as equestrians. This led to him working for several years with heavy horses in nature conservation and ancient woodland management.


In his search to help support the physical well-being of harness horses, he began to learn classical riding and in hand workThe more Andy learned, the more he realised how classical equitation was a deep wellspring of knowledge and wisdom, and began to dedicate all his time to learning all he could. This study and practice led him to searching for the inner meaning and moral purpose of art in riding, and Equitation & The Arts was born.


For twenty years, this life path has been profoundly shaped and influenced by Falun Dafa, an ancient spiritual cultivation practice which teaches the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Practitioners of Falun Dafa are severely persecuted by the communist regime in Mainland China. Andy volunteers to raise awareness of these human rights atrocities, with his work including co-editing the award-winning documentary Free China, and supporting the China Tribunal